Half-Ogre Berserker


Standing near 8 foot and weighing that of a small horse, Skada makes a quick first impression. His yellow brown skin let him blend into the rocky crags while hunting, but now clearly defines his ogre heritage.


Skada was born as one of the Shaaryan, a hardened tribe that resides in the plains of The Shaar. The birth was difficult, but his Mother was strong. No cries escaped his lips, but as soon as his yellowed skin was seen, the tribesmen assisting turned their backs on them, and they were left alone. They were soon exiled from the clan, as the truth of her child came to light, his Mother was part of an Ogre settlement raid that turned dark and the child was the product of her weakness. Their destination was the slopes of The Firesteap Mountains, but the travel was difficult and with the stress of the birth still affecting her she passed on the foothills, so close to her goal. The mountains do not have many monsters but the Shaaryan tribe claim there are ancient tombs within and kill or capture any one that does not have traditional rights. Many hours passed and the warmth of his Mother’s breast faded, but still the child made no noise. That is when the man he called Father found him. The man too was an exile tribesmen and recognized his Mother. Seeing the child, he brought it to safety and raised him to health. The man was part of a collection of Exiled Tribesmen, the meek, ill, injured thrown out of the collection. Growing among them, Skada did not recognize them as weakness. He saw the people and their own strengths. As the years passed, Skada was trained for the brutal landscape and harsh conditions, but his Father knew the Mountains couldn’t hold Skada. Many caravans caught off guard from the mountains would find refuge with the Exiled. It was with one of these caravans that his Father negotiated a position for Skada and he has been guarding The Golden Road since.


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