Half-elf Wizard


Dark brown, shoulder length hair. Confidently enters the room wearing a black cloak with a pattern of red and orange spiderweb flames on it. Often has a small red dragon (pseudodragon) curled up on his shoulders or nearby.

Following closely behind him is a half-orc with a large great axe.


Solflame was given the name Garren by his mother shortly after his birth. It’s the only thing his parents ever gave him.

Shortly after his birth, Garren was given to the elves and his grandfather to raise. He was well cared for even if he did not feel loved.

Being a half elf in a land of elves, Garren felt out of place and was often called “Solo man” by the other elves because he was often alone. Garren found comfort in books and read many tales about magic and the planes.

When the wizard Aradon took Garren on as a new apprentice, many of the younger elves were surprised. Aradon saw something in him.

With his new found magical powers he accidentally set his bed on fire one night and gained a new nickname, “flamer” or “flames” to go along with his old nickname of “Solo Man.” Eventually Garren embraced these names and it evolved into the name “Soloflame” or “Solflame.”

When Garren, or Solflame as he was now known, became of age, he left the elven village in search of his father and the mighty magical bow his father stole from Solflame’s elven family. Perhaps if he could retrieve the bow and return it to his grandfather then he would finally feel truly loved and accepted by his elven family.

With not much of a lead Solflame began wondering aimlessly from town to town in the human lands, helping people with their various problems: Goblin bandits attacking trade caravans, missing people, unwanted pests killing farm animals, and so forth. Solflame found an acceptance he had never known before and found that he enjoyed the fame and love people had for him. Perhaps if he never found his father, or his grandfather’s bow, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.


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