The Burning Sage's Demesne

Jolokars' Mission Log 2

2nd Entry

Gracevyre and Fruben have suffered greatly in this oppressive environment. A heat unlike any I’ve felt before. They lack the constitution required to continue on our mission. They agreed to stay in the safety of the #2 room. Gorblam felt confident in their ability and willingness to defend his remaining people and volunteered to aid us in removing the undead scourge.

I have to admit I have felt the heat weighing on me, it just doesn’t let up. I can tell Quoice suffers as well, his tiny chest rising and falling with his quickened breath. Most disturbing of all though is his drinking…it has almost completely stopped. Lucky for he and I, Gorblam was prepared and blessed us with his divine power and we are better able to “stand the heat.” I noticed Xy made a prayer to Bahamut as well and appears to be sweating a little less now. Thank the mother earth for that. A lady she may be, but she reeks as bad as a starved troll when she sweats inside that iron cage.

Speaking of starving trolls, we found one. Gorblam led us to a secret door through the #2 room. Quoice foraged ahead and waved the all clear. We did a tactical advance, checking rooms as we passed them. We agreed that leaving a possible enemy position behind us was a very bad idea. As we passed a door we heard something from the other side. Xy kicked in the door and rushed inside. I was right behind and the sight was ghastly. The troll had obviously been there for some time, and I nearly retched. It was crazed with hunger and raked Xy with its’ clawed hands. The blood flew over me in a warm mist as I passed her. Calling upon the power of the Destroyer I dealt the beast a wicked blow and stunned it. The rest of the party quickly dispatched the beast. Lucky for us Absylon remembered that fire is needed to finish off a troll and Xy had some lamp oil she pulled from somewhere. After the battle I laid a hand on Xy’s shoulder and let the healing light Tharur showed me flow into her, her wounds mending. The power of Dragons will forever amaze me. Creatures that can destroy on a whim yet those like Tharur can also heal even the most serious of wounds.

As we gathered our thoughts we heard shuffling and scraping sounds coming from the next room. Xy reached into her sack again and pulled out a hammer and spikes, directing Quoice to spike the door we had just come through to slow a possible flanking force. Where does she get all this stuff?!

We gathered at the door and Xy again booted it in. She’s one tough woman. The room was filled with the walking dead. My sense of revulsion and hatred threatened to overwhelm me, enhanced as they are with the aspect of the destroyer. I can not suffer the risen dead to exist. Xy raised on high her symbol of Bahamut, brandishing it towards them, and in a flash there they were…..gone. My pride and respect for this woman grows by the hour. Such a champion of light and destroyer of the living dead ranks high on my list. The sole occupant of the room after that was obviously Bruuhl, the unholy abomination we had heard so much about. She was at the back of the room and before I could act she lowered a hideous skull topped staff at Xy and let loose her black powers. There was nothing I could do as the pulse of dark energy struck Xy full on, staggering her. She was obviously weakened, but I sent a silent thanks to Bahamut that she was not slain outright.

We entered the room and charged Bruuhl. Absylon, Gorblam, and I forced her into a corner while Quoice fired arrow after diminutive arrow at her from across the room. One in five attacks missed or were turned aside by her scaly hide. Her dragon blood was evident in her impressive abilities. Gorblam let loose a divine fiery inferno upon Bruuhl and it obviously had an effect. Bruuhl summoned several rats, though no rat I know of from the natural world. These rats were bigger than Quoice, who shifted his volley to them and covered our backs while we continued to struggle almost impotently against Bruuhl. Later I learned that more of the undead had broken through the rear door and Xy had again turned them to dust. I knew my next move surprised a few of my companions, for they gaped in amazement at the awesome power. I blew forth the frigid tempest as Tharur instructed me yet again. A cone of ice, sleet, hoarfrost, and frigid wind exploded from within me. Let Bruuhl taste the Dragon’s breath! The battle was looking grim with us nearly unable to so much as land a telling blow on Bruuhl. In the end we got lucky. Skill combined with luck allowed several of us to finally get through her defenses and draw her blood. We decapitated then crushed her head for good measure.

After some discussion we decided to rest in this room with the dead and twice dead around us. Bruuhl had sapped our strength and we were stretched thin.

My hope now is that any influence Bruuhl had over Xy’s brother is gone with her. For all our sakes.


torber wonderorc

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