The Burning Sage's Demesne

Musings in the library of the Burning Sage...

A discovery in least likely places.

… We are at a dead end. Radinnal has disappeared after leading us astray and admitting his guilt in twisting a spell the sage was casting. In doing so the burning sage is trapped in what appears to be a summoning circle ensorceled with some kind of fire. Strangely this room resonates with me, I am unsure why.

Our group went back to the library, where I for the first time have had time to write in my journal. This journey to find human kind has left me in the oddest of circumstances so far. I spend time perusing the books, some dusty and open on the floor, some near the desk, and none from the walls – as it is unlikely anything still on the walls would have been used recently. After spending much time attempting to read or understand these tomes i believe I have found tomes relating to the psionic arts from the perspectives of a wizard… the wording is strange, and the thoughts are incomplete on most levels… But it appears he has spent much time researching these arts….

Is it possible that he was attempting to blend some of the ideas of psionic powers with his magic? Was it possible he found a way? Could Radinnal have possibly helped the sage if he had but known he was attempting to bring psionic force into sustaining arcane circles?

I wander back to the Circle… I still feel oddly attuned to this room. A thought strikes me as I think about the effort must have put into researching psionic force… is it possible we could destroy the circle with force? Perhaps something that could attack the dead might have a chance as well? This I know not, I will bring this up with the group after meditation, revitalization and watch…. Perhaps we can save the sage. Perhaps not. Perhaps the little one may turn up in this, the sages and our, most dire hour with some more information and thoughts.


torber TheLostBuddha

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