Absylon Tarmikos

Elan SwordSage Egoist


Height: 6’1
Weight: 170lbs, lightly built
Age: 90
Hair Color: Black
Eyes: Jade/green
Complexion: Pale/caucasian


Absylon had chosen at a young age to live someplace remote where he could learn to live with humanity, and other races, in relative calm. He was entrusted to the Masters of the Ko’Chung Gompa Mountain Monastery in Tabot, Kara-Tur, to be taught the ways of humanity, meditation, and to defend himself in the hostile world.

Upon his 80th year of age at the monastary he was given task to go out into the world to learn more for there was no more the masters could teach him. He was given the ancient tea set he had spent many years serving, and being served, tea from to remind him to always remember where he came from and who he is. Leaving with little more than this backpack, tea set, and wits he set off east to circumvent the mountains to head towards Faerun for adventure in foreign lands.

While traveling through the Hai Jungle he came upon a village – the people there all seemed odd to him and upon further examination immediately knew why. He had stumbled upon a psionic village, either through accident or fate, and knew he needed to stay there a while to learn other ways to strengthen his psionic talent. He lent his physical being to them for tasks as needed through the village and in turn was taught how to focus his mind.. they even assisted him constructing his first PsiCrystal companion. After a few months honing his skills of the mind he thanked everyone by performing the a tea ceremony his old master would have been proud of.. time to continue on towards the west: there is adventure to the west.

…..to be continued.

Absylon Tarmikos

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