The Burning Sage's Demesne

DM catches up on storyline

Please excuse all brevity in this accounting. This is an attempt to summarize the events that happened from the last post on Obsidian portal. The party was “stuck” inside the obsidian keep in the plane of ice trying to figure out how to break the curse that trapped the keep in a limbo between planes.

After acquiring a frost giants butter knife, the party has the tool they need to break the magic circle which holds the keep to the plan of ice. Xyrella, wielding the implement was able to pierce the circle and return the Obsidian Keep to The Prime. They then talked to the Burning sage’s apprentice Radinnal, who promised them each a piece of his masters power. Maelin the Sage’s consort offered to aid the party if they call her. The group made their way back through the keep to inform the Azer’s of the good news. Gorblam was overjoyed to hear the news, and even more so when he received their blessing to start recruiting more Azer’s from his home plane of Lava.

Before embarking on their journey back to Englestad as heroes, each member of the party receives part of the promised power that the Burning Sage held. This gave them a small amount of control over the keep, and was expressed in a different way for each person.

After the group rested, they made ready to head back to Englestad through the Meth forest, but the moment they stepped outside the keep a group of half-dragon’s attacked them. The group was lead by a Red Dragon, who left the destruction of the party in the hands of it’s evil offspring. After defeating the half-dragons the party regrouped back inside the Keep, only to be ambushed by the Red Dragon when they again tried to leave. Luckily Jolokar’s Silver Dragon mentor came to the rescue. The battle was fierce, with Tharur (silver dragon) taking a mortal wound after severely wounding the Red Dragon and damaging one of it’s wings. The Red Dragon fled, barely able to fly, and Tharur fell. Luckily, or perhaps by the divine will of Bahamut… and certainly his healing power, Xyrella and Jolokar were able to stabilize their guardian and bring him under the protection of the keep.

The decision is made to leave Xyrella to tend the wounded Tharur and for the party to go with all haste to Englestad. Before passing out, Tharur is able to relay some very troubling information. Englestad is besieged by an entire army of the abominable half-dragons and will require aid or is sure to fall.

08/25/2014 Update

The party passed quickly through the Methwood forest, dodging patrols of kobolds led by half-dragons almost the whole way back to Englestad. As they stepped out from the edge of the forest overlooking Engelstad the party was faced with the sickening site of their City surrounded. They were then pursued by an elite scouting party back into the forest. Under cover of darkness, and a wonderful distraction, they made their way to the walls of Englestad.

After spending the night in the town, the party splits up to see what good can be done in the town before tackling the threat outside the walls. A few days after assessing the town’s strength and the enemy there is shouting on the walls. Guards have spotted battering rams coming out of the forest, and straight for the main gate. The heroes quickly discuss a battle plan, and gird themselves for a bloody battle. Another call goes out from the eastern wall (near the dragon’s chrysalis), there coming over a rise is a formation of Knights in gleaming armor! Lances flashing, they begin charging toward the Dragon in hopes to catch it weakened and put an end to the foul beast. There is also an army of foot soldiers that moves to engage the main body of Half-Dragons attaching the main gate.

The party moves out from the city to aid in the destruction of the Dragon while it is weakened. Before any of the forces of good are able to engage with the beast, it bursts forth from it’s chrysalis and makes good it’s escape over the water. The party meets with the leader of their rescue, and have a parade.

The end


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