The Burning Sage's Demesne

Jolokars' Mission Log 3

3rd Entry

We are trapped. If we are unable to undo the damage Xys’ brother has wrought then we are truly doomed. My race may live for years unnumbered, but what kind of life will it be? Trapped within stone walls like the sepulcher of some human king. The thought is simply repulsive and disquieting. Yet I digress.

We left the lair of Bruuhl after recovering from the battle. Quoice is gone. We can find no trace of him. While this alone is not unusual, his continued absence worries me. Of all my companions I cherish him the most for he is nearly as close to nature as I am. I know he would not abandon us without good cause and hope nothing untoward has happened to him. If something bad has happened to him I would blame myself. I feel it is my duty to protect the little guy. We searched for him in every room, hallway, nook, and cranny we came across yet we still haven’t found him.

We continued to search and clear this side of the keep. Room 14 on my map held a pitiful and revolting encounter. The cat creatures, krenshar by name, we were forced to put down in self defense were in the same shape as the Troll. Mostly starved and living in their own filth. They may have been Orestians’ pets at some point in time but starvation had done a number on them and they were beyond feral. Radinnal better have one hell of an explanation and a plan for atonement for what his actions have wrought or I will enact the vengeance of Natures’ Wrath upon him!

We moved to room 8 and it had the appearance of a meat locker with chains everywhere. Any meat in there would surely cook in this infernal place. Medium rare anyone? We were beset upon by a chain demon and it was a tough fight indeed. The demon appeared to be immune or resistant to the power of my breath. The demon was slain and still no trace of Quoice. At least we haven’t found his diminutive body crumpled in death.

We exited the chain demons’ lair and decided to clear the remaining area in this side of the keep. As we approached a crevasse in the wall a bolt of lightning shot out and struck me. The forces of nature harnessed for evil, just despicable. We fought several Driders and dispatched them with relative ease. Still no sign of Quoice!

Having cleared this side of the keep we pushed out onto the bridge. The heat intensified as we moved over the lava flow and even through the magical protection I could feel it. We were harried by some Fire Mephits as we crossed, but came through to the other side without much trouble.

We met an enchanting celestial woman named Maelin next. She asked for our aid and explained what had happened. The keep had been put into an elemental flux due to the interference of Raddinal in one of the Burning Sages’ spells. We vowed to help any way we could. We moved along and met Raddinal. He tried to embrace Xy but was in some sort of flux along with the keep and ended up doing her harm. I could tell she was deeply disturbed by the interaction.

We moved towards the summoning room in an attempt to end this atrocity once and for all. There was a large fire blocking the doorway to the room. I called forth the Icy Breath granted to me by Tharur and extinguished the flame. The world was turned upside down. The keep that had once been blisteringly hot was chillingly cold. My affinity to cold protected me but I could tell several of my companions were alarmed. I concentrated on the teachings of Tharur and extended my affinity to cold to my compatriots. It is my duty, my station, and my pleasure to protect them as I can. We entered the summoning room but were unable to ascertain a means to end the calamity. We searched the remaining rooms on this side of the keep and found what can only be the Burning Sages’ library. Books without number line the shelves. The knowledge in this one room is quite impressive. Without further leads we set down to do some research and rest.

As I sit here in the library of the Burning Sage I can’t help but be in awe of the man. The control he has exerted upon the natural world to allow this keep to exist this close to an active volcano is amazing, and frightening. If only he was alive so I could speak with the man.


torber wonderorc

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