The Burning Sage's Demesne

Jolokar's Mission Log 4

4th Entry

I sit down to write for the first time in weeks. The preceding days and weeks have been filled with danger and wonder. What is happening to us? The changes that we have undergone are both wonderful and alarming all at once. Xy has become more heavenly than before. Something I didn’t think was possible. Abslon went running off saying he had something to do and came back with a creature right from the plane of Fire! We have forever been changed by the power of the Burning Sage. I am still coping with my personal transformation. I went to the Burning Keep to learn something about the being that could defeat two Green Dragons.I have learned much. I have gained the wonder of flight from this amazing power. This comes much sooner than I could ever have dreamed. We have only unlocked the beginnings of this awesome force and already I wonder if we will be worthy of it. The Burning Sage used magic to artificially extend the length of his life. Barring any unnatural ending to my life my people can live for years without end. We are as the Mother is, without ending. Was this power meant to be kept for years unnumbered? I give thanks daily to the Mother and to Bahamut for the blessings I have been given and the power that has been entrusted to me. I will use it as best I know how. I will trust their plans for me and take these changes as a blessing.

My ramblings done, my mind finds focus and purpose. We studied in the library for some time and felt we should explore some more. We returned to the entrance to the keep where we met an Ice Giant


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